Player vs Player: Tournament Events, Duels, & Battles!

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Time Quest: Heroes of History has three different ways that players can go head-to-head with other players: Treasure Duels, The Dueling Tournament, and the Eternal War Skirmish. A fourth PvP event, Guild Battles, is coming soon.


Treasure Duels

Battle other players to hunt for Treasure!

When a player joins a Treasure Duel, the system automatically matches them to a player at a similar Level. The higher your Level, the better Treasure you'll be able to compete for! Players can invite other players to duel, but each Treasure Duel only has a few Treasures up for grabs, so try to win as fast as you can!


The Dueling Tournament

Duel other players for a chance to win Goldon and Silverium!

The Dueling Tournament is held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9-10 p.m. EST. Players must be at level 10 or higher to participate and every player is allowed to fight 10 battles. The more battles you win, the higher your rank! The highest ranked players will win Goldon, and players who fight in at least three duels will have a chance at the Silver Bullet Prize!


The Eternal War Skirmish

Lead your team to victory to win Goldon!

The Eternal War Skirmish is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9-10 p.m. EST. Players must be Level 10+ to join the war, where they’re randomly sorted into either the Living or the Undead Team. Players get one point for beating an enemy, and two points if they're 10 or more levels below that enemy, so take your chances to win big prizes!


Check back soon to learn about the upcoming Time Quest Guild Battles!


Leader Upgrades: Strategist

It's time to unveil the final set of Leader upgrade designs. In Time Quest: Heroes of History, as players level up their characters, the character designs get an upgrade, too. These are for our Strategist Class Leaders; George Washington, Sacagawea, and Montezuma. 

Upgrade - George Washington.png

George Washington's upgrades have him ready to kick some kingly butt. Unfortunately, in Time Quest, the kings also have mech suits. Good luck, George!

Upgrade - Sacagawea.png

Some monsters are about to find out that the only thing more painful than an arrow to the face is a glowing, sparkly arrow to the face.

Upgrade - Montezuma.png

Montezuma is wearing his battle wings and his tactical visor, so he's ready to overwhelm the forces of evil!


Leader Upgrades: Warrior

We've got some more Leader upgrade designs for you to check out today! In Time Quest: Heroes of History, as players level up their characters, the character designs get an upgrade, too. Here are the designs for our Warrior Class Leaders; Teddy Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, and John Henry.

Upgrade - Teddy Roosevelt.png

Teddy Roosevelt knows that the only thing scarier than a bear wearing a cowboy hat wielding cannons is the guy who can ride a bear wearing a cowboy cat and wielding cannons.

Upgrade - Amelia Earhart.png

Amelia Earhart isn't here to play around, she's here to shoot bad guys with lots of guns. Also, she's probably going to do some barrel rolls. 

In his final upgraded form, we think that John Henry would beat that steam-powered hammer. Beat it right into the ground. And then probably melt it down and use it for scrap.

Leader Upgrades: Seekers

Today, some more leader upgrades!

In Time Quest: Heroes of History, as players level up their characters, the characters get an upgrade in the looks department, too. These are the upgrades for our Seekers; Mochizuki Chiyome, Marie Curie, and Isaac Newton. 

Upgrade - Chiyome.png

As Mochizuki levels up, she adds some throwing stars and then some brightly glowing, flying orbs. This seems like an odd choice for a spy, but we're not the espionage experts.  

Upgrade - Marie Curie.png

Marie Curie, a famously intelligent scientist, knows the point of an upgrade -- better transport and bigger guns. 

Upgrade - Isaac Newton.png

Isaac Newton has clearly gone in a more fantastical direction. We suppose that once the rocks stop falling to the ground and start obeying your commands, even the father of the law of universal gravitation has to embrace his inner Gandalf.

Leader Upgrades

Today we're going to introduce a new feature we've been working on -- player character upgrades! As players level up their characters in Time Quest, they will get a little bit of a makeover. There are four stages -- above you can see George Washington in his initial form and his final form. 

At first, we were leaning toward giving all nine of our leaders cyberpunk-y, futuristic designs (if you haven't played, that's a hint about where the later levels in our game will take you). But those first designs made the characters look a little too similar, and we wanted to hang onto what makes each character unique. Now we're working on designs that expand more organically from the characters' original designs. To use Mr. President up there as an example, in his initial form, he's a chill guy in a cool blue coat who just happened to befriend the most patriotic bird in America. In his final form, he is MECHA PATRIOT, TREMBLE BEFORE ME, PUNY RED COATS. These new upgrades are all about taking what makes our characters fun and blowing it up by a factor of a million. 

Check back soon, we'll show you more character upgrade designs!

Strategist Skills: When You Prefer To Play With Your Food/Enemies

Today, we're going to look at some more skills you can use in Time Quest: Heroes of History.

If you're new to this blog, all you need to know is that Time Quest's heroes are organized into three different classifications -- Warrior, Seeker, and Strategist -- and that each class comes with its own special abilities.

Here's a breakdown of the skills available to Strategists:

Tomb of Frost - Freezes your enemies, making them unable to attack for up to three turns.

Veil of Madness - Confuse your enemies (as in, they’ll often hit their own teammates) for up to three turns.

Fountain of Youth - Free your allies from any lasting harmful effects.

Combat Medicine - Use your MP to heal your teammates.

Paralyzing Grasp - Bind your foes for up to three turns. The higher your level, the more enemies you can stun!

Strategists are some of the most frustrating enemies to fight, so you should definitely get one on your team. Instead of your team member running around hitting the wrong side because they're under the Veil of Madness, you'll be able to cast Fountain of Youth and clear their minds for the real task at hand: smashing mummies, pirates, and all the other strange baddies you'll run into.

Seeker Skills: Don't Hit Just One Enemy, Hit Them All!

Today, we're going to look at some of the skills wielded by Seekers, one of the three character Classes in Time Quest: Heroes of History (the other two being Warriors and Strategists).

Here's a breakdown of some Seeker skills:

Temporal Rupture - Tear apart space and time to damage multiple enemies.

Lightning Sphere - Surround one enemy in electricity for massive damage.

Seismic Shock - Rend the earth to damage many enemies.

Light the Fuse - Mark an enemy for destruction in three turns.

Poison Shroud - Cripple your foes with lingering poison that harms them over time. 

Seeker skills usually hit more than one enemy and, as you improve, the number of enemies you can hit with one strike increases!

Doppler Hat Tip of the Day:

Light the Fuse is especially useful against tough enemies in battles you know are going to be long and drawn out. Cast Light the Fuse in the beginning and even if things begin to look bleak for your team, you'll know you have a devastating explosion in store for the other side.

Warrior Skills: For When You Need Your Enemies To Just Die Immediately

Today, we're going to introduce you to some skills you can use in Time Quest: Heroes of History.

We've mentioned before that our characters are organized into three different classes -- Warriors, Seekers, and Strategists -- and that each comes with its own special abilities.

Here's a breakdown of some of the Warrior skills:

Sacrificial Charge - Deal a massive blow to a single enemy, but your own health will take a hit.

Shield of Honor - Protect your allies by buffing their defenses.

Maelstrom Strike - Attack multiple enemies' HP and MP reserves.

Double Time - Lend speed to your allies to help them act sooner.

Sacrificial charge is the powerhouse Skill in that arsenal, but don't rely on it too heavily. The more often you use each move, the quicker you'll be able to improve it. Improved skills deal more damage (though they also drain more MP). If you focus on one Skill over the others, you'll end up with one great move and a bunch of mediocre others.

Here's our Doppler Hat Tip of the Day:

"I like to use Shield of Honor early on in a battle to protect one of my weaker characters. It lets them stick around and get pummeled by enemies, drawing fire away from my higher level characters (who have better moves). I call this strategy 'Protect the Piñata.'" - Kate, beta tester/graphic designer for Doppler Hat

Meet the Classes

When you start off in Time Quest, you get to pick from nine different characters -- this character will be your leader, the head of your soon-to-be growing team of fighters that will take you from ancient Egypt all the way to (CENSORED -- NO SPOILERS).

Our leaders come in three classes -- Warrior, Seeker, and Strategist. Their class determines the type of skills they'll start out with and gain later on in the game, so it's important to choose wisely. Here's a breakdown:

Warrior’s hit hard and stand tough. They’ve got skills that allow them to deal massive amounts of physical damage, deprive enemies of magic, or buff their allies’ Attack, Defense, and Speed.

Seekers devastate their enemies with huge bursts of damage and lingering effects. If you want to finish your enemies off quickly, make sure you’ve got a Seeker on your team.

Strategists control the flow of battle by manipulating their enemies and aiding their allies. Strategists can heal and free their friends from harmful effects. They can trap and confuse their foes with lasting effects. 

Your leader is the base of your team, but you'll be able to add teammates of different classes to play on everybody's strengths and balance out their weaknesses. If you pick a Warrior as your leader, adding a Seeker as your second-in-command really delivers a one-two punch to enemies. But as enemies get tougher to defeat, a Strategist will really save your bacon by taking the baddies out of commission long enough for you to wail on them.

Here's what Kate, a graphic artist on the Doppler Hat Games team, had to say about her favorite team combination:

"My favorite team I've played so far is John Henry and Cleopatra, with Joan of Arc added in later on. That's a Warrior, Seeker, and Strategist, so I had all my bases covered. I went through early levels so fast with John Henry and Cleopatra, I thought I'd hit on the ultimate combo. But in later levels things got a lot harder and I realized that having a high-level strategist leader like Montezuma or Sacagawea would be a real asset. I still like this team, but it's all a matter of preference and team building."

New Hero: John Henry, American Folkhero

Since we've gotten our open beta up and running, we thought it was time to start documenting how the sausage gets made around these parts. We'll start by introducing you to one of our newest characters, John Henry! 

We started Time Quest: Heroes of History with six characters that players could choose as their team leader (later, they can add more heroes and creatures to their team) -- Teddy Roosevelt, Isaac Newton, Amelia Earhart, George Washington, Marie Curie, and Sacagawea.

We noticed that most people tended to choose Teddy Roosevelt (we get it, it's Teddy Roosevelt riding a bear, what's not to love?) or Isaac Newton, so we decided to expand the selection a bit and see if we couldn't find something players liked just as much. John Henry, American folk hero, seemed like a great choice. Above, you'll see a sketch by our graphic designer Kaixin Ding, next to the awesome final design kicked back by our Beijing team. 

The real question is, how will John Henry, famous for duking it out against technology in the form of a steam-powered hammer, get along with Nikola Tesla, our game's hero and noted superfan of technology? It might be a bit fiery at first.

We've got other new additions and projects in the works and we'll be posting about them here, so check back soon.