Strategist Skills: When You Prefer To Play With Your Food/Enemies

Today, we're going to look at some more skills you can use in Time Quest: Heroes of History.

If you're new to this blog, all you need to know is that Time Quest's heroes are organized into three different classifications -- Warrior, Seeker, and Strategist -- and that each class comes with its own special abilities.

Here's a breakdown of the skills available to Strategists:

Tomb of Frost - Freezes your enemies, making them unable to attack for up to three turns.

Veil of Madness - Confuse your enemies (as in, they’ll often hit their own teammates) for up to three turns.

Fountain of Youth - Free your allies from any lasting harmful effects.

Combat Medicine - Use your MP to heal your teammates.

Paralyzing Grasp - Bind your foes for up to three turns. The higher your level, the more enemies you can stun!

Strategists are some of the most frustrating enemies to fight, so you should definitely get one on your team. Instead of your team member running around hitting the wrong side because they're under the Veil of Madness, you'll be able to cast Fountain of Youth and clear their minds for the real task at hand: smashing mummies, pirates, and all the other strange baddies you'll run into.