New Hero: John Henry, American Folkhero

Since we've gotten our open beta up and running, we thought it was time to start documenting how the sausage gets made around these parts. We'll start by introducing you to one of our newest characters, John Henry! 

We started Time Quest: Heroes of History with six characters that players could choose as their team leader (later, they can add more heroes and creatures to their team) -- Teddy Roosevelt, Isaac Newton, Amelia Earhart, George Washington, Marie Curie, and Sacagawea.

We noticed that most people tended to choose Teddy Roosevelt (we get it, it's Teddy Roosevelt riding a bear, what's not to love?) or Isaac Newton, so we decided to expand the selection a bit and see if we couldn't find something players liked just as much. John Henry, American folk hero, seemed like a great choice. Above, you'll see a sketch by our graphic designer Kaixin Ding, next to the awesome final design kicked back by our Beijing team. 

The real question is, how will John Henry, famous for duking it out against technology in the form of a steam-powered hammer, get along with Nikola Tesla, our game's hero and noted superfan of technology? It might be a bit fiery at first.

We've got other new additions and projects in the works and we'll be posting about them here, so check back soon.