Warrior Skills: For When You Need Your Enemies To Just Die Immediately

Today, we're going to introduce you to some skills you can use in Time Quest: Heroes of History.

We've mentioned before that our characters are organized into three different classes -- Warriors, Seekers, and Strategists -- and that each comes with its own special abilities.

Here's a breakdown of some of the Warrior skills:

Sacrificial Charge - Deal a massive blow to a single enemy, but your own health will take a hit.

Shield of Honor - Protect your allies by buffing their defenses.

Maelstrom Strike - Attack multiple enemies' HP and MP reserves.

Double Time - Lend speed to your allies to help them act sooner.

Sacrificial charge is the powerhouse Skill in that arsenal, but don't rely on it too heavily. The more often you use each move, the quicker you'll be able to improve it. Improved skills deal more damage (though they also drain more MP). If you focus on one Skill over the others, you'll end up with one great move and a bunch of mediocre others.

Here's our Doppler Hat Tip of the Day:

"I like to use Shield of Honor early on in a battle to protect one of my weaker characters. It lets them stick around and get pummeled by enemies, drawing fire away from my higher level characters (who have better moves). I call this strategy 'Protect the PiƱata.'" - Kate, beta tester/graphic designer for Doppler Hat