Leader Upgrades: Warrior

We've got some more Leader upgrade designs for you to check out today! In Time Quest: Heroes of History, as players level up their characters, the character designs get an upgrade, too. Here are the designs for our Warrior Class Leaders; Teddy Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, and John Henry.

Upgrade - Teddy Roosevelt.png

Teddy Roosevelt knows that the only thing scarier than a bear wearing a cowboy hat wielding cannons is the guy who can ride a bear wearing a cowboy cat and wielding cannons.

Upgrade - Amelia Earhart.png

Amelia Earhart isn't here to play around, she's here to shoot bad guys with lots of guns. Also, she's probably going to do some barrel rolls. 

In his final upgraded form, we think that John Henry would beat that steam-powered hammer. Beat it right into the ground. And then probably melt it down and use it for scrap.