Leader Upgrades: Seekers

Today, some more leader upgrades!

In Time Quest: Heroes of History, as players level up their characters, the characters get an upgrade in the looks department, too. These are the upgrades for our Seekers; Mochizuki Chiyome, Marie Curie, and Isaac Newton. 

Upgrade - Chiyome.png

As Mochizuki levels up, she adds some throwing stars and then some brightly glowing, flying orbs. This seems like an odd choice for a spy, but we're not the espionage experts.  

Upgrade - Marie Curie.png

Marie Curie, a famously intelligent scientist, knows the point of an upgrade -- better transport and bigger guns. 

Upgrade - Isaac Newton.png

Isaac Newton has clearly gone in a more fantastical direction. We suppose that once the rocks stop falling to the ground and start obeying your commands, even the father of the law of universal gravitation has to embrace his inner Gandalf.