Meet the Classes

When you start off in Time Quest, you get to pick from nine different characters -- this character will be your leader, the head of your soon-to-be growing team of fighters that will take you from ancient Egypt all the way to (CENSORED -- NO SPOILERS).

Our leaders come in three classes -- Warrior, Seeker, and Strategist. Their class determines the type of skills they'll start out with and gain later on in the game, so it's important to choose wisely. Here's a breakdown:

Warrior’s hit hard and stand tough. They’ve got skills that allow them to deal massive amounts of physical damage, deprive enemies of magic, or buff their allies’ Attack, Defense, and Speed.

Seekers devastate their enemies with huge bursts of damage and lingering effects. If you want to finish your enemies off quickly, make sure you’ve got a Seeker on your team.

Strategists control the flow of battle by manipulating their enemies and aiding their allies. Strategists can heal and free their friends from harmful effects. They can trap and confuse their foes with lasting effects. 

Your leader is the base of your team, but you'll be able to add teammates of different classes to play on everybody's strengths and balance out their weaknesses. If you pick a Warrior as your leader, adding a Seeker as your second-in-command really delivers a one-two punch to enemies. But as enemies get tougher to defeat, a Strategist will really save your bacon by taking the baddies out of commission long enough for you to wail on them.

Here's what Kate, a graphic artist on the Doppler Hat Games team, had to say about her favorite team combination:

"My favorite team I've played so far is John Henry and Cleopatra, with Joan of Arc added in later on. That's a Warrior, Seeker, and Strategist, so I had all my bases covered. I went through early levels so fast with John Henry and Cleopatra, I thought I'd hit on the ultimate combo. But in later levels things got a lot harder and I realized that having a high-level strategist leader like Montezuma or Sacagawea would be a real asset. I still like this team, but it's all a matter of preference and team building."