Leader Upgrades

Today we're going to introduce a new feature we've been working on -- player character upgrades! As players level up their characters in Time Quest, they will get a little bit of a makeover. There are four stages -- above you can see George Washington in his initial form and his final form. 

At first, we were leaning toward giving all nine of our leaders cyberpunk-y, futuristic designs (if you haven't played, that's a hint about where the later levels in our game will take you). But those first designs made the characters look a little too similar, and we wanted to hang onto what makes each character unique. Now we're working on designs that expand more organically from the characters' original designs. To use Mr. President up there as an example, in his initial form, he's a chill guy in a cool blue coat who just happened to befriend the most patriotic bird in America. In his final form, he is MECHA PATRIOT, TREMBLE BEFORE ME, PUNY RED COATS. These new upgrades are all about taking what makes our characters fun and blowing it up by a factor of a million. 

Check back soon, we'll show you more character upgrade designs!