Seeker Skills: Don't Hit Just One Enemy, Hit Them All!

Today, we're going to look at some of the skills wielded by Seekers, one of the three character Classes in Time Quest: Heroes of History (the other two being Warriors and Strategists).

Here's a breakdown of some Seeker skills:

Temporal Rupture - Tear apart space and time to damage multiple enemies.

Lightning Sphere - Surround one enemy in electricity for massive damage.

Seismic Shock - Rend the earth to damage many enemies.

Light the Fuse - Mark an enemy for destruction in three turns.

Poison Shroud - Cripple your foes with lingering poison that harms them over time. 

Seeker skills usually hit more than one enemy and, as you improve, the number of enemies you can hit with one strike increases!

Doppler Hat Tip of the Day:

Light the Fuse is especially useful against tough enemies in battles you know are going to be long and drawn out. Cast Light the Fuse in the beginning and even if things begin to look bleak for your team, you'll know you have a devastating explosion in store for the other side.