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Cut-Down 1 minute Animatic

Color Script

(Not all frames apply to cut down version)

Appearing Characters




Anne Bonny


King Arthur

Werewolves / Skeleton Knights

Amelia Earhart

Teddy Roosevelt


Some say Time is a wheel, ever turning...

Others' a river, forever flowing…

But Time. Is. Neither!


Join the ranks of Gladiators and Pharaohs!

Pirates and Kings!

Explorers and… Bear-riding Presidents?

Wait! Why is this battle even happening?!

[Time freezes on Wait, and stays still for the rest of the sentence. Nikola Tesla appears and restarts]

Tesla: “I’ve had a bit of a trouble with my time machine…”

[A rad nameplate with “Nikola Tesla in…” appears in front of him with a sweet music riff]

[The warriors crowd in around him]

Tesla: “But I’m, uh, certain I can fix it!”


[Edison appears in a red time machine]

Edison: “Not if I steal it first…”

(Coming to the App & Google play store 1/17)

Director's Notes

Shot #1

A large and ancient wheel turns slowly.


Shot #2

The wheel is shown to be a waterwheel, turning in a shallow river.


Shot #3

The waterwheel and the building it is attached to explodes as a Minotaur charges through it.


Shot #4

The Minotaur turns, swinging its axe at Spartacus (Roman Warrior) who dodges away.


Shot #5

Spartacus attacks the Minotaur, distracting it as Cleopatra (Egyptian Queen) leaps high into the air.


Shot #6

Cleopatra blasts the Minotaur with a magic spell as she flies through the air.


Shot #7

Cleopatra lands gracefully, as the Minotaur collapses behind her, dust rising up to obscure the screen.


Shot #8

Anne Bonny (Lady Pirate) slices through the dust cloud (in a different location) and the skull of a Skeleton.


Shot #9

A Skeleton Knight in heavy armor rises up before her, eye holes glowing with blue-green flame.


Shot #10

Anne Bonny parries the Skeleton Knight’s powerful sword attacks with her thin sword, before pulling out a pistol and firing it through the Knight’s skull.


Shot #11

The bullet streaks through the air, glowing red hot and sparking.

Shot #12

Still in slow motion, a second Skeleton Knight’s head rises into the shot, it’s flaming eyes looking at the incoming bullet with a fearful expression. Its looks to the opposite side to see a huge sword swinging towards it, and both deadly objects meet at the same time, bursting the Knight’s skull into a blast of blue-green flame and light.

Shot #13

The sword that met the bullet is shown to be held by King Arthur (Armored Warrior) who swings his huge weapon at more Skeleton Knights that crowd around him, smashing them to pieces.


Shot #14

Above King Arthur’s head a distant airplane flies, and the view zooms in to show Amelia Earhart (Heroic Pilot) at the controls, distracted by the two werewolves (in FASCIST uniforms) that cling to her plane’s wings.


Shot #15

Amelia smiles, waves at one of the werewolves, and then pulls hard on the controls, causing the plane to spin and sending the werewolf tumbling down through the air to land with a heavy thud on the ground below.


Shot #16

The werewolf is struggling to get up when a furry paw smashes it back to the ground, as Teddy Roosevelt (Best President) rides his bear over the werewolf.


Shot #17

Teddy Roosevelt faces a group of more charging Authoratarian werewolves, drawing his sword and shouting a battlecry as his bear roars and the werewolves snarl.


Shot #18

The scene freezes and the view pulls back, to show that all of this chaos has been taking place around a hill.


Shot #19

There is a burst of Blue Electricity on top of the hill, a Time Machine appears (glowing with blue light) and the view zooms in to show Nikola Tesla (Genius Scientist) attempting to fix the broken machine.


Shot #20

He turns to the camera and says “I seem to be having a bit of trouble with my Time Machine”.


Shot #21

The scene freezes again, and a nameplate appears below him that says “Nikola Tesla in…”


Shot #22

The nameplate with Tesla’s name disappears and the words Time Quest appear together, followed by the words Heroes Of History, that appear one after the other.


Shot #23

The words disappear and Tesla says “But I’m sure I can fix it!”


Shot #24

Red Electricity flares atop a distant mountain(?) and Thomas Edison emerges from the shadows, a Red and glowing lightbulb on his power armor. He Smirks and says “Not if I steal it first...”


Shot #25

??? (We could just end at 24)


Shot #26

Our animated company logo appears.


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